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Available on AmazonGolden Rule or $Greedy Rule$ is an exceptional social-justice guidebook that is based on principles--and since principles do not change over time, this guidebook is timely and timeless.

Author Heyward Hawkins is a Solutionist who believes that obtaining solutions is more important than which party wins.

Golden Rule helps one to readily understand that greed again caused the U.S. economy to reach its breaking point around 2008, and until the people realize that Big Business and our politicians, who are joined at the hip, are not going to look out for the people, the greed and power of a few will continue to run rampant over the middling people.

In layman's terms, Hawkins explains what the people must do, and how to do it, to prevent becoming enslaved.

The author is particularly astute in recognizing and explaining the continual political hype to which our eyes and ears are subjected.

Golden Rule is an invaluable resource for evaluating politicians and political issues.

The greed of a few causes many hardships for regular citizens and Hawkins reminds us that just being angry about that is not a solution.

Absorb the author's call-to-action about Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Business, the Media, and the political prostitution in the U.S. Congress and the White House.

Heyward Hawkins demonstrates an uncanny ability to analyze complex issues and translate them into layman's terms, which makes Golden Rule a useful guidebook for a broad spectrum of readers.

Golden Rule or $Greedy Rule$ is designed to educate, motivate, and transform. The expansive table of contents and the encompassing, categorized-and-annotated list of sources are unique and unsurpassed. Golden Rule is also a textbook for recognizing media hype and identifying the causes of problems, not just their symptoms.

Hawkins insists that the political leaders be accountable to the people. He is confident that When the people lead, the leaders follow. But first, we must become adequately and honestly informed--we must see our way through the smoke-and-mirrors.

See the author's blogs and videos for evidence that Hawkins follows his own recommendations--taking the actions that are necessary to correct the social and economic injustice in the United States.

To purchase Golden Rule or $Greedy Rule$ at Amazon.com, click on the Lady Justice image above.

Tell people about Golden Rule or $Greedy Rule$--send them to this website.

Together we can make a difference!

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