Video-7 (Part 3 of 4)–The Immoral U.S. Suffocation of Iran: Even More Reasons to Control Iran

October 9 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | Afghanistan, Alternative Energy, Asia, Awareness, Big Business, Big Oil, Billionaires, Blood for Minerals, Blood for Oil, Brainwashing, BS Detector, Business Roundtable, Campaigning, China, Civilization, Commodities, Common Sense, Compromise, Congress, Congressional, Congressional Reform, Conoco Phillips, Contract, Contracts, Control, Controls, Cooperation, Cryogenic, Cryogenic Container, Democratic Party, Economy, Elections, Europe, ExxonMobil, Federal Gasoline Tax, Federal Tax, Fuel, Fuel Prices, Globalization, GOP, Gouging, Government Control, Greed, greedy, Greg Palast, high-definition, Hood Robin Party, Hostage Taking, House, House of Representatives, IMF, Immoral, Imports, Impoverish, In the News, Independent, India, International Monetary Fund, Intimidation, IPC, IPI, Iran, Iraq, Irrationality, Japan, Legislator, Legislators, Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG, LNG Train, Mahatma Gandhi, Manipulate, Manipulation, Marketing, Mean, Media, Middle Class, Middle East, Middling People, Mideast, Military, Murder, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing, Obama, Occupation, Occupy, Oligarchy, OPEC, Opinion, Pakistan, Persian Gulf, Pipeline, playing hostage, Political Theatre, Poor, POTUS, Poverty, Reform, Regasification, Regasify, Regulations, Renewable Energy, Renewables, Representative, Republican Party, Screwed, Senate, Senator, Servant, Servants, Smoke-and-Mirrors, Social Justice, Solutions Party, Speculation, Speculator, Spineless, subservient, Subsidies, Subsidy, Suffocation, TAPI, Tea Party, Terrorism in Washington, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The Rich, Think, third party, Third World America, Turkey, Turkmenistan, U.S. Empire, U.S. Military, Unemployment, unwealthy, Wall Street, Wealthy, welfare, Western Civilization, Working Class, World Bank

Subtitle: Even More Reasons to Control Iran

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