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Blog #38–Bipartisan Budget Deal–A Slap in the Face, Really

April 10 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | Big Business, Bipartisan Budget Cuts, Bipartisan Budget Deal, Brainwashing, Budget Cuts, Budget Deal, Bush Tax Cuts, Campaigning, Compromise, Controls, Cooperation, Dan Pfeiffer, Democratic Party, Elections, General, GOP, Government Control, Healthcare, Hood Robin Party, Hope, Huffington, In the News, Media, Middle Class, Middling People, Obama, Obama Tax Cuts, Oligarchy, Opinion, Political Theatre, POTUS, Regulations, Renewable Energy, Renewables, Republican Party, Ryan Grim, Slap in the Face, Social Justice, Social Security, Spineless, The Rich, Think, Third World America, U.S. Empire, Wall Street, Wealthy, White House Blog, Working Class

Bipartisan Budget Deal— A Slap in the Face, Really April 10, 2011 This blog refers to some of the material included on the April 9, 2011, Huffington Post website: The White House Blog, by Dan Pfeiffer, White House communications director; and Ryan Grim, senior congressional correspondent for the Huffington Post. Pfeiffer said that the final bipartisan deal cuts spending by $78.5 billion from... Read more

Terrorism in Washington

December 19 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | Bernie Sanders, Big Business, Bill Maher, Billionaires, Bush Tax Cuts, Deficit, Democratic Party, Economy, Elections, Hood Robin Party, Hostage Taking, In the News, Independent, Middle Class, Obama, Obama Tax Cuts, Opinion, Republican Party, Social Justice, Social Security, Solutions, Spineless, Taxes, Terrorism in Washington, The Rich, Think, Unemployment, Working Class

December 19, 2010 Terrorism in Washington As I mentioned in my book, Golden Rule or Greedy Rule, President George W. Bush asked a committee of his to establish a clear definition of terrorism. After much attempt, the committee could not come up with a definition that the United States was not guilty of, so that project was dropped. However, I think that most... Read more