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Blog #43–Gasoline Price Gouging–12

June 9 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | Action, Alternative Energy, Awareness, Big Business, Big Oil, Bill Maher, Brainwashing, Campaigning, Commodities, Congress, Congressional, Controls, Economy, Elections, Email, Fuel, Fuel Prices, Gasoline Price Gouging, Gasoline Prices, General, Gouging, Government Control, Greed, Herald-Tribune, House, House of Representatives, Impoverish, Iraq, Legislator, Legislators, Letter to Congress, Marketing, Media, Middle Class, Middling People, Mideast, Obama, Oligarchy, OPEC, Opinion, Political Theatre, Poor, POTUS, Poverty, Public Campaign Financing, Regulations, Renewable Energy, Renewables, Representative, Rupert Murdoch, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Senate, Senator, Servant, Servants, Smoke-and-Mirrors, Social Justice, Solutions, Solutions Party, The Rich, Think, Third World America, U.S. Empire, Unemployment, Wall Street, Wealthy, Western Civilization, White House Blog, Working Class

June 9, 2011 To the Editor—Sarasota Herald-Tribune Regarding your Associated Press June 9, 2011, article on “Oil Supply Will Not Increase, “ I was not surprised at the dishonesty. The writers of that article apparently are typical lobbying journalists for Big Oil. The article states that the OPEC members did not all agree on the amount of oil to be produced, but also... Read more

Blog #42–Congressional Reform

May 2 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | Amendment, Amendments, Awareness, Big Business, Campaigning, Civilization, Common Sense, Compromise, Congress, Congressional, Congressional Reform, Constitution, Consumer Price Index, Contract, Contracts, Cooperation, CPI, Elections, Email, General, Government Control, Greed, Healthcare, House, House of Representatives, Impoverish, In the News, Independent, Legislator, Legislators, Letter to Congress, Mahatma Gandhi, Manipulate, Manipulation, Marketing, Media, Medicare, Middle Class, Middling People, Obama, Oligarchy, Opinion, Political Theatre, Poor, Poverty, Public Campaign Financing, Reform, Regulations, Renewable Energy, Renewables, Representative, Retirement, Savings, Screwed, Senate, Senator, Servant, Servants, Slap in the Face, Social Justice, Social Security, Solutions, Solutions Party, Spineless, Subsidies, Term Limits, Terms, The Rich, Think, U.S. Empire, Wall Street, Wealthy, Western Civilization, Working Class

May 1, 2011 Congressional Reform Hi Friends, I do not know who originated this email that was sent to me, but I like it. I take this subject matter very seriously. We have complained about this subject matter for a long time, but mostly we have complained to each other. Here is a chance to communicate with your senators and representatives about what you... Read more