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Video #1–Heyward Hawkins on YouTube (

June 2 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | 545, Accountable, Action, Afghanistan, Alternative Energy, Awareness, Bernie Sanders, Big Business, Big Oil, Bill Maher, Bill O'Reilly, Billionaires, Brainwashing, Business Roundtable, Campaigning, Civilization, Commodities, Common Sense, Compromise, Congress, Congressional, Congressional Reform, Controls, Democratic Party, Economy, Elections, Federal Gasoline Tax, Federal Tax, Fuel, Fuel Prices, Gasoline Price Gouging, Gasoline Prices, Gasoline Tax, General, Globalization, GOP, Gouging, Government Control, Greed, Healthcare, Hope, House, House of Representatives, IMF, Impoverish, In the News, Independent, International Monetary Fund, Iraq, John D'Agostino, Letter to Congress, Mahatma Gandhi, Manipulate, Manipulation, Marketing, Media, Medicare, Megaplant, Megapower, Micropower, Middle Class, Middling People, Mideast, Military, Murder, Nuclear, Nuclear Fuel, Obama, Obama Tax Cuts, OPEC, Opinion, Political Theatre, Poor, POTUS, Poverty, Public Campaign Financing, Reform, Regulations, Renewable Energy, Renewables, Representative, Republican 2012 Budget Plan, Republican Party, Screwed, Senate, Senator, Servant, Servants, Slap in the Face, Smoke-and-Mirrors, Social Justice, Social Security, Solutions, Solutions Party, Speculation, Speculator, Spineless, Subsidies, Subsidy, Taxes, Tea Party, Term Limits, Terms, Terrorism in Washington, The Rich, Think, U.S. Empire, Unemployment, Wall Street, Wealthy, Western Civilization, White House Blog, Working Class, World Bank

Click on the text below to see the video. Video #1 Autobiography of Heyward Hawkins and Intro to Golden Rule or Greedy Rule ... Read more

Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

January 5 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | Alternative Energy, Amory Lovins, Big Oil, China, Huffington, Megaplant, Megapower, Micropower, Nuclear, Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing, Opinion, Renewable Energy, Renewables, Think, Working Class

January 5, 2011 China: Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Technology Has Been Mastered (January 3, 2011, article by AP’s Christopher Bodeen, posted on Bodeen reports that China has developed a safe and effective chemical process for reprocessing fuel from nuclear power plants: to separate and recover the unused uranium and plutonium, reduce waste, and safely close the nuclear cycle, but there is no prediction as to... Read more