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Gun Control–1

January 30 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | 2nd Amendment, Bear Arms, Big Business, Big Oil, Brainwashing, Common Sense, Democratic Party, Elections, GOP, Government Control, Gun Control, Guns, In the News, Independent, Letter to Congress, Middle Class, National Rifle Association, NRA, Obama, Opinion, Regulations, Republican Party, Second Amendment, Social Justice, Solutions, Solutions Party, Spineless, Tea Party, Think, Working Class

January 30, 2011 Reference: Common Sense on Guns (Email from Governor Howard Dean, dated January 30, 2011) Governor Dean, Doing background checks certainly is important regarding gun control, but that is not enough. Several years ago, the gun manufacturers and the National Rifle Association (NRA) appeared before the Senate and/or the House. One purpose of the hearing was to disallow the availability of assault/automatic weapons... Read more