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Obama’s Tax Cuts

December 9 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | Afghanistan, Alternative Voting, Bernie Sanders, Brainwashing, British Empire, Business Roundtable, Democratic Party, Economy, Elections, Globalization, Government Control, Imports, In the News, Infrastructure, Iraq, Media, Middle Class, Military, Obama, Obama Tax Cuts, Oligarchy, Opinion, Republican Party, Social Justice, Social Security, Taxes, Term Limits, The Rich, Think, Tom Harkin, U.S. Empire, Unemployment, Working Class

December 9, 2010 The Obama Tax Cuts and Our Economy in General On December 8, 2010, U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) was interviewed on the Washington Journal program on C-SPAN TV. Senator Harkin is not happy with President Obama’s caving in to the Republicans regarding extending the tax cuts. Harkin thinks that Obama should have given more thought to other options. Again, Obama’s actions... Read more