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Blog #37–Michigan Is Screwed!

March 16 | Posted by Heyward Hawkins | Bernie Sanders, Big Business, Big Oil, Business Roundtable, Deficit, Democratic Party, Economy, Elections, Florida, General, GOP, Hood Robin Party, In the News, Independent, Michigan, Middle Class, Middling People, Obama, Obama Tax Cuts, Ohio, Oligarchy, Opinion, Republican Party, Screwed, Social Justice, Solutions, Solutions Party, Taxes, The Rich, Think, Third World America, Wealthy, Wisconsin, Working Class

March 16, 2011 Michigan Is Screwed! And Wisconsin, how are you doing? And how about you, Florida and Ohio? Admittedly, the Left Wing, including President Obama, has given, and is giving, a piss-poor performance. However, I am at a loss as to what values the Right Wing candidates have that make it worthwhile to vote for those candidates who will screw everyone except... Read more