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(The author apologizes that technical difficulties prevented page numbers from showing below, but in the book, page numbers are shown for every chapter, heading, subheading, and subsubheeading.)



Introduction to Preface

Purpose of Preface

Compare the Obama Administration with the Bush/Cheney Administration

Uncle Sugar

Rece$$ion or Depre$$ion?

Citizen or Consumer?

Toyota—Problems Self-Induced or Sabotage?

Alternative Energy and Jobs

Hope Combined with Our Action


Evaluating Politicians

Five Hundred Forty-Five People Control Us

No Resolve!

What Can You Expect from Golden Rule?

Alternative Voting

Periodic Updating of the Book


Why Can’t Everyone Be Mister Rogers?

Do unto Others or Do It to Others?

Why Did I Write the Book?

Missing the Obvious

Exploitation Not Just by Our Government

Solutions and Other Suggestions

You, Too, Can Be a Cynic

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Operation Mind Control

Being Duped


Get Some Balls!

Look Out for Number One

Big Business Precedes Politics

Part I

Big Business

1. Survival of the Fittest

A Splash of the Business History of the United States

Survival of the Fittest—Defined

Big Business Is Faceless

Illegal Immigration Boosts the Bottom Line

Buy American—Wal-Mart

Toyota Moves into Number Two

No, Uncle Sam; Yes, Uncle Sugar

Rape in the Name of Democracy—Domestically and Internationally

Seven Everyday-Type Consumer Concerns

Who Left That Cart of Groceries at the Checkout?

Wal-Mart Prices and Quality

We Apologize for the Delay

Feel Honored by the Delay

Pay Me More for Poor Service

Dell’s and Microsoft’s Bait and Switch

Is It Ethical?

Why Your Boss Is Overpaid

2. Capitalism: Greed’s Firstborn

Where Is Moderation—Only in the Dictionary?


Solutions and Other Suggestions

3. Globalization: Greed’s Secondborn

Banking in China

Only Buy and Sell American

How U.S. Firms Sell Out Chinese Workers: So That’s Democracy?

The Garment-Manufacturing Industry in Cambodia


The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer

History Repeats Itself.

Sacrificing the Lambs— Our Workforce and Our Security


Who Made China Powerful?

Starving Your Children While Giving to Charity

Solutions and Other Suggestions

4. Marketing—Unscrupulously

What Is Marketing?


Unscrupulous Marketing

Fine Print and Subdued Print

Everything Is Relative

Where’s the Lean?

Organic Seafood

Two Scoops of Raisins

Red Wine Is Good for Us

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Tell Both Sides of the Story

So You Do Not Want to Go Bankrupt

Instant Gratification (1)

Apples and Oranges (2)

Shipping and Handling (3)

Official-Looking Deception (4)

Bait and Switch (5)

Customers Cannot Afford the Rewards (6)

Preapproved or Prequalified (7)

Free Prepaid Cremation (8)

The Rebate Rip-Off (9)

Sears Customer Service: Rebates (10)

Recommendations about Rebates (11)

Commercial Crazy


Where Patients Come First

Marketing with Sex, and Prince Valiant

Open Upon Delivery

5. The Loan Sharks: Credit Card Companies

You Are Preapproved for Our Credit Card

Usury and Minimum Payments

Late Fees

Universal Default

Grace Period and Turnaround Time


Solutions and Other Suggestions

6. Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Versus Chapter 13

I Deserve It

Questionable Realtor Tactics Contribute to Home Foreclosures

Bankruptcy via Universal Default

Guide to Eliminate Debt

7. Weapon of Mass Deception: The Media

The U.S. Media Is Still Peeing on Your Leg and Telling You It’s Raining

The Soothsaying Media

Just the Pertinent Facts, Please—without the Hoopla

Vietnam Veterans Treated Indignantly—Why?

The Aggressive News Media

The Murdoch Media

President Bill Clinton Approved Media Monopoly

Ted Turner—On TV News for Profit

Cutting Funds for Public Broadcasting

Quality of Journalism

Part II


8. Lying

What Is Politics?

Yellowcake from Africa

Lies from the White House

Why Is Lying Tolerated?

Lying Should Be Prosecuted

9. Prostitution in Congress


Not Much Left for the People

Solutions and Other Suggestions

Public Campaign Financing

Line-Item Veto

10. Propaganda/Spins/Hype/Bullshit


Happy Combat Soldier

Not Supporting the Invasion of Iraq = Supporting Terrorism

Not Funding the Occupation of Iraq= Not Supporting Our Troops

Justifying Fraud


Intimidated—or Self-Serving—Democrats Support the Invasion and Fund the Occupation

Justifying Fraud Is Hype

And Other Such Nonsense

11. Terrorism, the Axis of Evil, and Patriotism


The United States Is a Safe Haven for Terrorists

What Is Terrorism?

When Terrorism Is Justified

In the Name of Humanitarianism, Democracy, and Free Trade

In the Name of Humanitarianism, Democracy, Liberation, and International Security

The Axis of Evil

They Are the Axis of Evil

Criticism of the Term Axis of Evil

Why the Clichés, Why the Widespread Stereotyping?


What Is Patriotism?

What Is Not Patriotism?

12. Bush’s Iraqtile Dysfunction

Why Is the U.S. Military in Iraq?

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

War Profiteering

Iraq for Sale

Stay the Course

Fall of the Coalition

The Ground Truth

Democratic Posturing


Camouflaging the Ground Truth

Democratic Posturing Attacked

Does the Sun Revolve around the United States?

An International Cancer

Only One Letter Away from Iraq

Blood for Oil

Solutions and Other Suggestions

Leave and Pay Reparations to Iraq

Letter to Congress about Democratic Posturing

13. Illegal Immigration

A Nation of Immigrants

Enlightenment from a Retired U.S. Border Patrol Agent

Solutions and Other Suggestions

Congress.org’s Virtual Hearing on Immigration Reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

A Policy Not Enforced Is Not a Policy

No Fox or Hen in Charge of the Henhouse, Please

Automatic Citizenship for the Newborn of an Illegal-Alien Mother

An American or Partly American?

Four Good Reasons for All Immigrants to Learn English

Another Extremism: Forcing Social English in the Workplace

14. Infatuation and Impeachment

Infatuation with Bush and Cheney

Impeachment Is off the Table

15. Guts and the Ability to Articulate

Part III

Social Healthcare

16. Healthcare Apartheid

Unregulated Privatized Healthcare

What/Who Do We Trust and How Much?

Further Comparisons in Cost and Quality

How Devastating the Medical Expenses Can Be

17. Healthcare-Plan Placebos

Health Savings Accounts

Scandlen’s Hogwash

Placebos by the Presidential Candidates

Hodgepodge, Piecemeal Fixes by California, Massachusetts,
and Vermont: More Healthcare-Plan Placebos

Comparison between Schwarzenegger Healthcare Plan
and Single-Payer—for California

Consequences of a Non-Single-Payer Healthcare Plan

18. Good Solutions for Healthcare

Will You Select the Single-Payer Plan or a Tattered Safety Net?

Absolutely Affordable Healthcare Plan

Who Favors Single-Payer Healthcare and Why?

Is Single-Payer Healthcare Just Some Political-Power Scheme?

19. Politics about Social Healthcare

Who Has the Guts to Call It Socialized Medicine?

A Rose by Any Other Name Smells Just as Sweet

Not Allowed by Big Insurance, Big Pharma, and the Media

20. Support for Social Healthcare

Veterans Administration (VA)

Scheduling Appointments

Waiting-Room Time

My VA Doctors in Las Vegas and Sarasota

Preventive Medicine

Profoundly Timely Lab-Work Reports

Specialist Work and Surgeries

Copayment for Prescription Medications

Treat the Veteran with Dignity

Proof that Single-Payer Saves Employers Money

Other Support for Social Healthcare

21. Politics about VA Healthcare

Part IV

Other Healthcare

22. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Why Medicine Costs So Much for So Many Years

What the Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know


Who Controls the FDA?

Aspartame—The Most Controversial Food Additive in History

Complaints Complaints Complaints

The Political Approval of Aspartame

American Diabetes Association and Others Are Sued

Aspartame by Other Names

Thank Goodness We Have Choices

Further Information on Aspartame

Who’s to Blame for Aspartame?

Venezuela Bans Coke Zero

Admission That Aspartame Is Unhealthful

Again, Who Controls the FDA?

23. Big Pharma (Pharmaceutical Industry)

One Size Does Not Fit All

Big Pharma’s Interests

Big Pharma at Work

Get Your Drugs from Canada

Government Protects Big Pharma

Doctor-Recommended Drugs, Devices, and Procedures

Pharmacy Control of Prices

Part V


24. Big Oil’s Voodoo Supply-and-Demand

Deregulation and Monopoly

Reduce Supply—Raise Prices

The Smoke-and-Mirrors about Gasoline Prices

Finding Our Way through the Smoke-and-Mirrors

Big Oil Has the Gall

No Competition for Big Oil, Please

Defying Reason

How Taxes Affect the Price of Gasoline

Analyzing the Voodoo

Bend Over


Solutions and Other Suggestions

25. Alternative Petroleum

Oil Shale

Oil Sands, Tar Sands, Bituminous Sands, or Extra-Heavy Oil

26. Big Oil Must Adapt

27. Transportation Energy

The Effects of Gouging by Big Oil

Effects on the Airlines

Effects on the Cruise Lines

Effects on the Trucking Industry and the Price of Goods

Effects on the Schools

28. Consumer Electric Rates Compared

Investor-Owned and Municipally Owned Utilities

Investor-Owned and Municipally Owned Utilities in New York State

29. Nuclear Energy

Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP)

Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear Energy Mishaps

Nuclear Safety Management

Another Nuclear Mishap


Correct It and Move Forward

It’s Looking Dim for Nuclear Power

Less Chance of Nuclear Weapons

Solutions and Other Suggestions

30. Global Warming Hysteria

What Is Global Warming?

The Jury Is Still Out

The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Greenhouse Effect

Smoking Gun or Mushroom Cloud?

What We Don’t Know about Climate Change

Do Politicians Know More than Scientists about Climate Change?

To Get Away with Murder in Pollutoville: Carbon Trading

If Extremism Is Not the Answer, What Is?

31. Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Will Create New Jobs

Low Cost of Alternative Fuel and New Jobs

Big Oil’s Attitude about Alternative Energy

Exploitation Lurks around Every Corner

Efforts to Get Away from Oil and Other Pollutants Look Promising

Nevada Power: A Subsidiary of Sierra Pacific Resources

CPS Energy: Serving San Antonio, TX

Xcel Energy: Serving Denver, CO

Comparison of Sources for Generating Electricity


Inefficiency of Nuclear Plants and Other Megaplants

Megaplant Blackouts and Brownouts

Explaining and Justifying Micropower

Sources of Micropower

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Micropower or Nuclear Power?

Lovins’s Viewpoint

Richter’s Viewpoint

Ethanol: Another Chance for Extremism

A Sweet Opportunity: Sugarcane


Micropower or Nuclear Power?

Considering Combined-Heat-and-Power Systems (CHP)

Solutions and Other Suggestions

Sugarcane: A Source of Energy

Micropower or Nuclear Power?

Nevada Power: Long Transmission Line


Look at What the United Kingdom Is Doing

Look at What the United States Is Not Doing

Exploitation Lurks around Every Corner

32. Controlling Alternative-Energy Prices: Greed Is Everywhere

Corn Farmers Are Salivating

Who Is Going to Prevent the Gouging?

Profiteering in Alternative Energy

Part VI

The Electile Dysfunction

33. Voter ID and Voting Machines

Voter ID

Voting Machines

34. Who Should Get My Vote?

Riding the Bandwagon

The Dream Parties

Making Ends Meet

The Middling People

Criteria for Election and Reelection

Part VII


35. Big Business

The Corporate Democracy

The Business Roundtable

Free Trade Minus Government Control Equals Monopoly


The Soothsaying Media

36. Politics



Terrorism, Axis of Evil, and Patriotism

Bush’s Iraqtile Dysfunction

Illegal Immigration

Infatuation and Impeachment

Guts and the Ability to Articulate

37. Social Healthcare

Good Solutions for Healthcare

38. Other Healthcare

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

39. Energy

Big Oil’s Voodoo Supply-and-Demand

Nuclear Energy

Alternative Energy and Prices

40. The Electile Dysfunction

Voter ID and Voting Machines

Who Should Get My Vote?

41. The Last Word




Big Business Is Faceless

Rece$$ion Is Here

Survival of the Fittest Yields to Eliminating World Poverty

Wall Street and Friends

Oust the Politicians

Stop Wasting Your Complaints

Really—the Last Word

Back Matter


Sources Contents

A. Books—Annotated—Categorized




Murder for Oil


Big Pharma

Survival of the Fittest


B. Periodicals—Annotated—Categorized




C. Websites—Annotated—Categorized






D. Websites—Annotated—In Chapter Order


5. The Loan Sharks: Credit Card Companies

6. Bankruptcy

7. Weapon of Mass Deception: The Media

11. Terrorism, the Axis of Evil, and Patriotism

12. Bush’s Iraqtile Dysfunction

13. Illegal Immigration

16. Healthcare Apartheid

17. Healthcare-Plan Placebos

18. Good Solutions for Healthcare

22. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

23. Big Pharma (Pharmaceutical Industry)

24. Big Oil’s Voodoo Supply-and-Demand

25. Alternative Petroleum

28. Consumer Electric Rates Compared

29. Nuclear Energy

30. Global Warming Hysteria

31. Alternative Energy

34. Who Should Get My Vote?

35. Big Business

41. The Last Word

E. TV Networks/Channels and Programs—Annotated

Fox News and MSNBC and CNN (Research these on Wikipedia)

Al Jazeera (Founded in 1996)

C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, founded in 1979)

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service, founded in 1970)

F. Radio Stations—Annotated

NPR (National Public Radio, founded 1970)

Basham & Cornell Talk Radio (AM 1230 KLAV in Las Vegas, NV)

G. Quotations—Categorized


The Media




Murder (Cloaked)

Illegal Immigration

Voting Is Serious Business

Action by the People Is Mandatory

H. The Author’s Philosophical Statements


About the Author

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