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“What do I think of Western civilization?
I think it would be a very good idea.”

—Mahatma Gandhi 

“Political correctness is the buzzword, yet you have an energy that crosses all party lines. Best wishes on your book.”
—Harold Shinitzky, PsyD, psychologist, coauthor of Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life


“In Golden Rule, Hawkins tackles almost all the problems facing our nation today, which, at first glance, is too much to cover in one volume; however, Hawkins not only shows the common denominator of the many issues, but also amazes me with how he makes every complex issue completely understandable.


”While Hawkins presents many things wrong with our country, he does not stop there, but goes on to describe very logical solutions. Golden Rule is a book that could only be written by a true patriot who cares very deeply about our country.

“Everyone who is interested in restoring the greatness and respect worthy of our country should read this book. And most importantly,
Golden Rule or $Greedy Rule$, should be required reading for every high school student.”
—Mel Lipman, Esq.: Immediate Past President of American Humanist Association;
Vice President of International Humanist and Ethical Union; and
Retired Constitutional Law professor, attorney, arbitrator, and mediator.


“Hawkins has developed a volume of provocative social and political thought, which I commend to curious and adventurous readers.
Golden Rule or $Greedy Rule$ offers a fresh perspective on matters that should concern all thinking citizens in our society.”
—Thomas Brodie, PhD, Retired Educator

“Golden Rule is a must-read for citizens who want to understand government and what does and doesn’t work. Hawkins makes it clear that greed has taken over the U.S. version of capitalism. He has a keen awareness of that and other irresponsible manipulations by elected politicians.”
—Doug Ross, PhD, psychologist, Collaborative Solutions Consulting,


 “The U.S. media is still peeing on your leg and telling you it’s raining.”

—Greg Palast



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